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Welcome to COP4709 - Applied Database II

Online Textbook



Dr. Ron Eaglin


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Course Lectures

COP4709 Course Lectures By Week - These are the lectures and outline of the course and topics for the current semester (Spring 2013). These will change from semester to semester.


Case Studies for COP4709 - These are all the files and information about the files and case studies used in the lectures and assignments.


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Course Outcomes


  • CO1 - Students will be able to design and optimize a database.

  • CO2 - Students will be able to create user interface to manage and update the database.

  • CO3 - Students will be able manage transactions and concurrent database users.

  • CO4 - Students will be able to use databases and database tools to assist with decision support.  




The syllabus is at this link: COP4709 Syllabus.docx


Assignments < Start here !


This class is all about what you can DO. You will be using SQL Server and real data sets to perform analyses on real sets of data. There are weekly assignments - some of which are extensive and some of which build on top of other assignments. You will need to have access to SQL Server with all the analysis tools. I highly recommend you have this on your own computer.


COP4709 Spring 2018 Assignments


Past assignments:

COP4709 Spring 2016 Assignments

COP4709 Spring 2015 Assignments

COP4709 Spring 2014 Assignments

COP4709 Spring 2013 Assignments



COP4709 Course Lectures and Video






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