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Spring 2012 Assignment 6 - Creating a Report

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Spring 2012 Assignment 6 - Creating a Report




Learn how to write reports using the report builder tool




1. There is a live tutorial (you make a real report) at this link https://cmg.vlabcenter.com/default.aspx?moduleid=161829fc-ecdd-4011-89e6-878d9ce933df  (you can access a list of ALL live tutorials at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/sqlserver/cc138238.aspx )


You will do the entire tutorial for Building and Sharing Your First Report Builder 3.0 report. This is a reporting tool, and is a good example of a reporting tool and how you get it to interact with a database. In the tutorial, the you will use the Adventure Works database. This is already set up for you, but you do run a script to make it accessible to the tools you are using.


While you do this tutorial make sure you understand what you are doing (and if you don't post to the bulletin board). This will be important because the assignment does not have a guide for you to follow.


2. You have these same tools available to you in SQL Server. You are now going to create your own report using your own database. This report is simple - you will create a course schedule report that allows you to see a nice version of the courses a student is taking for a given semester. You will use your database from the previous assignment creating a course scheduling database ( Spring 2012 Assignment 4 - Starting with Stored Procedures ).


The report will show the current schedule for a student for a given semester. You may want to create either views or stored procedures that will return this information - this will make the report generation much easier.


You may want to add both fields to your database design and you will definitely need to add data to your tables to test this out. If anyone has created an insert script for these please feel free to share on the bulletin board.




Professor Video of getting started - http://online1.daytonastate.edu/player2.php?id=a3eb043e7bf775de87763e9f8121c953


Report Builder Download Page - http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=6116 


Report Builder  Getting Started Page - http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/ff657833.aspx 






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