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Case Study - Registration Database

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Case Study - Registration Database


The Registration Database Case Study is a full creation of a student registration system with students, classes, semesters, course offerings, and students registering for classes. It demonstrates full creation of the database and also the use of .NET and Visual Studio to create a front-end for the database.




These video segments all use the Registration Database as a basis for the material in them.


Lecture - Foreign Keys Example 1


Lecture - Foreign Keys Example 2


Views Example using Registration System


Getting Started with Report Builder 3


Lecture - Complex Queries with Registration System


Lecture - Using a DropdownList with a Database




Spring 2012 Assignment 4 - Starting with Stored Procedures

Spring 2012 Assignment 4 - Instructor Solution


Spring 2012 Assignment 6 - Creating a Report


Spring 2012 Assignment 8 - Completing the Registration System


Spring 2012 Assignment 10 - Putting it All Together


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