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COP4709 Course Lectures By Week

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COP4709 Course Lectures By Week


Each week be sure to read the reading section and also watch the lectures, you are responsible for all materials in the required articles and the lectures and they will make the assignments much easier. When asking questions about your assignments I will almost always ask "have you read the reading and watched the lecture?"


The basic concepts you should know prior to this class (from pre-requisites) are well covered in Relational Databases Programming Concepts - http://www.agiledata.org/essays/relationalDatabases.html 


Week 1 - Topic - Review of Database I


Week 2 - Topic - Importing Data


Week 3 - Topic - Stored Procedures Part 1


Week 4 - Topic - Function in Queries


Week 5 - Topic - Managing Transactions


Week 6 - Topic - Stored Procedures Part 2


Week 7 - Topic - Creating Reports


Week 8 - Topic - Working with Data - Lookup Tables


Week 9 - Topic - Data Analysis - Aggregation


Week 10 - Topic - Security and SQL Injection


Week 11 - Topic - Performance and Indexes


Week 12 - Topic - Full Text Indexing


Week 13 -Topic - Creating an Interface


Week 14 - Topic -OLAP Advanced Analysis


Week 15 - Topic - NOSQL using DynamoDB



Other Topics


Students may wish to continue with other topics. These lectures will be useful for common tasks that are performed with SQL Server and Visual Studio with a database. These topics are simply topics that did not make the 15 weeks of the course, but are still useful to understand, some are currently being developed.


Topic - Using Visual Studio with SQL Server


Topic - Creating and Using Views


Topic - Complex Queries


Topic - Microsoft NET Database Objects


Topic - Creating and Using Triggers



Additional Lectures and Materials


These can be found at;


COP4813 - Web Systems I - https://cop4813eaglin.pbworks.com/ 

COP4834 - Web Systems II - https://cop4834.pbworks.com/w/page/35926461/FrontPage 




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