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Case Study - Food Database

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Case Study - Food Database


Assignments, Lectures, and Support Materials for the Food Database are on this page.The food database contains food nutritional content for about 2000 foods that were compiled by the USDA. Full details of the data are available at data.gov and the raw data (including extra files for different classes of foods) are available at the data.gov site.


I'm also making this data set available here as a Excel file. Food-data.xlsx


About Nutrition Databases


The US government (through the USDA) makes nutrition data publicly available. Though most consumers will have a hard time working with this data - you are a database professional and data scientist. Here are some incredible sources of data for you to use;


USDA National Nutrient Database - Find nutrient information on nearly 9,000 foods.




These lectures use the Food Database.


Lecture - Database and Aggregations


Lecture - Importing Data Into SQL Server


Lecture - Advanced Query - WITH Clause




These assignments require use of the Food Database


Spring 2013 COP4709 Assignment 9


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