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Spring 2013 COP4709 Assignment 10

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Spring 2013 COP4709 Assignment 10




Demonstrate ability to protect a database and provide security.




You have been hired by a major firm to design and implement a full scale menu and ordering system for their restaurant. Please note that you will be adding ordering to your online restaurant database. As part of the design process you must produce a white paper to cover each of the major categories of the design listed below;


1. Functionality - How will you ensure the application has the correct functionality "out the door"

2. Accessibility - How will you be sure that all stakeholders have access to the system when and where they need it?

3. Security - How will you ensure only the correct people have access to the data and the system prevents intrusion?

4. Availability - How will you ensure the system will be available when needed?


Big picture requirements:


1. Functionality - Users must be able to easily find the food they want at their local restaurant and order it online for delivery or pickup. Administrative functions for editing the menu must be available. Restaurants must be able to view orders and mark them as ready for pickup, ready for delivery, out for delivery, and picked up.

2. The system must be available to all customers with internet access.

3. The system will be taking and processing credit cards and other potential payments. Administrative functions must be secure to prevent "hacking" of menu interface.

4. The system must be available to end users 24/7 - minimal down time.



Each white paper is limited to one page and will be the starting document for review with the companies corporate team. You are responsible for the white paper #3, specifically database security (there is also typically other security items). The system will store credit card numbers and user confidential data.


You are limited to one page - you must concisely deliver all security items YOU WILL HAVE in the application. Note I gave you a lot of information about security strategies - you will not use them all, you must select the correct ones. You will only put database security in your white paper.


If you have questions about the requirements - post to the bulletin board I will serve as the client and respond.


You will turn in a single pdf or word document.





Estimated Completion Time


You will want to watch the video and also research security techniques. I recommend posting to the bulletin board any questions you have.


Supporting Lectures


Topic - Security and SQL Injection


Questions and Answers



External Resources



Grading Criteria


There are some specific items that should and should not be a part of this white paper - I will be looking for them.

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