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Spring 2013 COP4709 Assignment 12

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 Assignment 12 - Full-Text Indexing




Learn to use Full-text indexing to enhance query




1. Create a new database called FullTextIndexDB. In this database you will create a table with 3 fields



SubjectText NVARCHAR(200)



2. Take information from emails or bulletin board posts (I don't care what or how you put it into the table) and populate the table with at least 4-5 large entries.


3. Create a list of terms dealing with programming. It should include the words program, code, database, execute, and class. This can be in a table or simply be in the text of your query.


4. Create a full text query that returns the id and SubjectText of each row where any of these words appear within 2 words of each other.


Create a word (or pdf) document that has the query, approach, and results of your query.





Estimated Completion Time



The query will not take long once you figure it out, getting the data into the database will probably take longer.


Supporting Lectures 


Topic - Full Text Indexing


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