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Spring 2013 COP4709 Assignment 13

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 Assignment 13 - Creating an Interface




This is a very basic start at creating an interface using DataBound Objects.




You will need to obtain and install Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Studio 2012 for this assignment.


This will be done using your Music Database Case Study - Music Database


For this assignment you will create either a Windows Form or ASP.NET Web Application (either will work with the objects you need). On a single form you will have a drop down list box that will list the artists in the database.


The user will select an artist and click a lookup button.


The result will have the following fields and appear in a GridView in the same page as the drop down list. Both will be populated directly from the database.


Artist    Album     Track     Song


You will submit a word doc or pdf that shows a screen capture of the DropDownList and the GridView with the results in it of your running application.


You can use any method (wizard, code, ASP database objects) to complete the assignment.






Estimated Completion Time


If you have not installed Visual Studio the installation takes about 2 hours and the download is large (4GB). You will want to start on this ASAP. You can use any version of Visual Studio.


If you have not used Visual Studio, allow about 5 hours to get up to speed. The assignment should take about one hour to code.


Supporting Lectures 


Topic - Using Visual Studio with SQL Server - contains lectures to support this topic.


The getting started with Visual Studio 2012, available in COP4834 will help you get started if you have no experience with VS 2012. https://cop4834.pbworks.com/w/page/65330559/Topic%20-%20Getting%20Started%20with%20Web%20Form%20Applications 


Questions and Answers




External Resources




Grading Criteria



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