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COP4709 Assignment 10A - Business Reports

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 Assignment - Reporting with Data Analysis




- Create a report using real data based on high level requirements




The following spreadsheet sections, grades by im & subsess.xls contains grade information from Fall 2014. Information about mode of delivery (online, hybrid, live) and term (Full, A, or B) is included with the analysis.


The business question you will be answering is;


1. Under which mode of delivery do students perform better? Have better success?

2. Do students perform better in short term or full term?

3. Are there any special considerations like online classes in short term perform worse than online classes full term?

4. Does removing FN grades from the analysis have an effect?


Some things to help;


Course success = A, B , or C in course.

You can calculate a GPA for a course, modality, etc... using standard rules (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0) or makeup your own rules (A,B, C = 1; D, F,W,FN = 0) this is handy for comparison. GPA is a measure of performance (not success).


You will turn in a one page summary of your results. This should be a pdf and be a high level overview of the results of your analysis. This report will be a pdf and must be printable on a single page. It may include graphs and figures - BUT the entire report must fit on a single 8 1/2 x 11.


You will create a second document (Analysis Methodology) where you document the methods and approach used.There are no constraints to this document.


You should use SQL, the spreadsheet, and even reporting tools to perform your analysis and create your report.




You should discuss various approaches on the bulletin board.


Estimated Completion Time


This should take 5-10 hours to complete


Supporting Lectures 


You will use all the previous materials for this assignment


Questions and Answers



External Resources




Grading Criteria


This is a report, and will be graded as such


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